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Hey there, I’m 

Anna Warner 

I love all things travel, art museums, national parks, and my cat named Ghost. I’m originally from Nashville, Tennessee but can often be found in Los Angeles or New York and will travel to wherever you’ll take me. 

My journey with crafting images began in college, where I majored in Photography and Art History. I studied film intensively (both still and motion picture,) and this is still what fuels me today. I adore film photography and videography for their candidness, nostalgia, unobtrusiveness, and ability to capture light and people with a richer connection. I think there’s no medium more worthy to document your special moments than 35mm + medium format or super 8 + glorious 16mm Kodak film. 

Although you can most often find me behind the lens at weddings, I see myself more as a documentarian and artist than a ‘wedding photographer / videographer.’ In all situations, I strive to feel like a friend with a camera. Whether you’re planning for your big day, dreaming up a music video on 16mm film, or simply looking for timeless portraiture, I’m here, excited to listen to your story and help bring your vision to life. 

Photo by Dottie Morris.

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