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              Hi friends! I’m Anna Warner, a photographer & videographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. I fell in love with photography when I took my first black & white 35mm darkroom class back at the University of Virginia & have been on a journey with imagery ever since. 

              My loves are storytelling, documenting genuine moments and emotion, and translating my unique vision of the world into little visual treasures on film. I am the type of person who lugs a medium format film camera on week-long backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon (which I’ve done 7 times now!) and the type of person who packs four separate cameras when travelling abroad because I certainly can’t be restricted to just one. Raw, quiet moments of beauty are my favorite type of moment to document. 

              My photojournalistic style for wedding photography & wedding films is complemented by an editorial eye for fashion and creative portraiture. I also occasionally write and direct music videos, which I love for their untethered creative freedom. 

              Film photography and film videography truly have my heart, particularly 16mm film. There is something so magical about the way film renders light and color, and how it creates a feeling that is simultaneously fine-art as well as candid and nostalgic. Whether you’re a couple, musician, fashion designer, or artist, I would love to hear about your vision and see how I could document a special moment for you or help you bring something creative to life. 


    As seen in CanvasRebel.

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